Friday, June 8, 2007

Drawing the organic and..

I spent much of the day woking on the machine because it takes so much to record it all. Of course the focus has to be the working but I want to document things that I see as I see them. Riding the bike around is a major part of being here and represents a certain sort of rationality - it all flows. And teh surface you ride on is made of modules. These are the same modules that the ecocathedral is made up of. So in a way the constrcutions have a dialogue with the previous use of the stones in pavements. As it is evident from looking at the walls certain pavers are used in certain ways and so I wanted to document these urbanistically as well as in use in teh ecocathedral - linking them. The drawing took forever and has a bit of a studied disorder to it, bujt I want to persue so,e drawn documentation of the tables at both Mildam and at Heerenveen. Its interesting what Louis would say which is that it is more difficult to draw these than build them because their form is so specific and different. Which is why its a study im making Autocad loose while the world is trying to be tight.

There is trouble brewing about accomodation on the project, that is no ones fault but emphasises that this is a hobby or a community organisation. Money is too tight to mention - fair enough. But the question of reasinable support for projects is going to be an issue is the organisation wants to expand ts creative mmission. I will wait until I see how iit turns out before really posting on it - but the words Polder Model arose as did issues of principle that cuts to what the ecocathedral is about. But for Thomas and I its more simple - we are in the middle of something and dont need to think about where we will be sleeping tonight.

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ATCH research centre said...

hey buddy,

good to see your on the ground free-ranging on the eco-cathedral. i look forward to reading your entries over the coming weeks.